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St. Michael’s is a Lutheran parish working with Concordia University to bring Christian hope and compassion to our community. 

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Service of Thanksgiving


November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day



The Rev Samuel Schuldheisz

Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church

Huntington Beach CA

Guest Preacher


Rev Schuldheisz is the son of Joel and Mary Schuldheisz

Pastor Bob will serve as Liturgist



Food will be collected for the Oregon Food Bank

Before the Worship Service 






Sunday Worship and Bible Class at St. Mike's

  9:00 am - Bible Study for all ages
10:00 am - Traditional Worship 


Remember and Do Thanksgiving


When I was growing up we had a stove and oven in our basement.  On Thanksgiving my mom would always cook the turkey, which was huge, in that oven and the aroma from that bird just filled the house.  I can smell it even today.


Thanksgiving is a good time to remember.  To remember all the blessings we have enjoyed, but you already know that.  You hear that every year.  It is also a time to remember the hard times, the REAL hard times, for they brought us closer to God and to one another.  But again, you already know that.  You hear that every year.


But I am going to say it again this year, remember all the blessings you have enjoyed - The gift of life and salvation that you have in Jesus Christ.   Your faith.  The forgiveness that God so freely gives you through Jesus Christ.  The access that you have to God through Jesus.  The heaven that awaits you one day because of Jesus Christ.  Remember the family God has given you, your church family as well.  Remember the friends God has placed in your life, the associates, and all others that have come and gone.  Remember the loves He has blessed you with, the good memories and good times God has blessed you with.  Then remember the things God has blessed you with – for they cannot be counted – don’t believe me, try it.

And then remember this Thanksgiving not only to give thanks for all these blessings, but to DO thanks.   When one of the ten lepers that Jesus healed one day, found that he had been made whole, DID SOMETHING – He went and thanked and praised Jesus for what was done for and to him.  I do urge you to Give thanks as you gather around the turkey and dressing this Thanksgiving, but Don’t stop there - DO THANKS.  And here are some suggestions –

        ·         OBVIOUSLY – attend the Thanksgiving Service at Church

        ·         Serve another – work at the Food Bank this month, donate time or money to an organization that will provide a Thanksgiving meal to someone

        ·         Help a neighbor out – leaves need to be raked, or maybe put a smile on their face with some cookies, or a kind word or a hug

        ·         Go out of your way to be kind and generous to a stranger

        ·         Do something extra around the church

        ·         Call someone or send a note to someone who have not contacted for awhile

        ·         Visit Do Wagner, Irene Reinisch or any of our members who have a hard time getting around

Remember what Jesus said, that when you do these things to least of these, you do it unto Me.  So one way we can all thank Jesus, this Thanksgiving, is to DO THANKSGIVING to others.


A Blessed Thanksgiving to you.


Pastor Bob